Xavi Mauri

Graphic design & Art direction


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Uniqlo Bcn


Executive creative director: Isahac Oliver
Art director: Xavi Mauri
Producer: Montse Urniza & Patri Garcia
Creative team: Ale Velasco & María Cerdán
Photographer: Nacho Alegre
Director: Eloi Colom
Dora Joker & The Production Club
Edit: Guillermo A. Chaia
Branded content by Gema Briones

“Essentials for life” is a homage to the important things, to all that is necessary to live fully, and draws a parallel between UNIQLO products, its brand values and the character of Barcelona – a city made for and by people: accessible, comfortable, open, full of life, diverse and always authentic, whatever the latest trend or fashion.